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Been a Long Time Coming (Mil/Theo)

*it's really odd, but she's happy* *has a girlfriend that she really likes, classes are done for the summer and she has a long list of concerts she's planning on going to over the next few months* *even the house didn't feel quite as horrid now that Verity came by often enough*

*but, something was missing* *knows exactly what it is* *not what, who* *it's Theo and he's not around and it's no one's fault but her own* *she pushed him away like she pushes everyone away* *with anyone else, she wouldn't care if they ever came back, but this is Theo* *if she doesn't have him around, who does she have*

*knows he's moved into the University, so late one afternoon, she takes herself over to King's Cross and in front of the building* *realises she has no idea what to say* *she's never apologised to anyone before* *wonders if she'll figure it out by the time she gets upstairs* *but as she approaches the door, she's got nothing*

Fuck. *sighs and pulls her fags out of her pocket* *lights one and takes a long drag, hoping to calm her nerves* *until a large drop of rain falls right on the end of her lit cigarette* Well fuck me.

*of course, she could go inside, but she still has no idea what to say or how to say it so she stands there, as the rain starts to come down hard and fast and tries to come up with anything* *and then, because the world does hate her that much, she sees him rushing towards her, trying to get out of the rain*

*jumps in front of the door, blocking his entrance* *stares at him, a thousand words in her head and on the tip of her tongue, but the only thing that comes out surprises even her* I'm sorry I'm such a bitch.